My process is a technique often called neriage (nair-ee-ah-ghee) or nerikomi (nair-ee-comb-ee) from the Japanese tradition. It is a process akin to murrine in glass making. A pattern is created by joining differently colored clays into a loaf or block which is sliced to reveal the pattern in the cross section. I have selected a series of images of me making a patterned block with a description of some of the steps in my process.

clay colors korsillo 700

I wedge colorants onto the moist white clay to produce a variety of colors.

color grads korsillo 700

I blend small amounts of one color with another color to create the color gradations you see here.

cutting grad 700

I then cut and stack layers of the gradation of colors in order

stacking grad slice 700

Here I am stacking the gradation slices in order.

stacked grads 700

Here I have 2 color gradations stacked and ready to use.

stack two grads 700

Here I am combining the 2 color gradations to create 2 layers of gradations.

first slice one grad 700

Here is a slice showing the cross section of the layered gradations put together.

slice stacked grads 700

By combining multiple layers of gradations I can create a soft blending from one color into the next for interesting visual effects.

cutting 2 grad blocks 700

In this image I am cutting slices from 2 different multiple stacks of color gradations.

stacking 2 grads w blk 700

For this pattern I will add a slice of black clay between each color gradation slice.

stack grads w blk tall 700

Here are all the slices stacked up.

finish grads w blk block 700

Here is a slice showing the cross section of the finished patterned block. I use the slices to create my slab built pots.

finish slice w fired bowl 700

The finished slice with a bowl that has been fired to cone 8 in oxidation. Before the pots go into the kiln to be fired, when they are bone dry and very fragile, I carefully clean up the surfaces of every pot.

inside the kiln korsillo 700

A view inside the kiln! By varying the colors and arrangements I can create an endless variety of patterned blocks to make my slab built pots. Some of my patterns have over 100 layers of color in them.

kiln unload korsillo 700

Pots just unloaded from the kiln! Thanks for your interest in my process.

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